Where in the World is Hillary Clinton?

Yesterday afternoon Hillary Clinton delivered a groundbreaking speech on the Obama Administration’s approach to foreign policy and finally set herself up as the foreign policy voice of this administration. . . . . well that’s what the State Department would like you to think. The speech was well written but can be best described as “a cry for help dressed in a press stunt shrouded in serious spin“.

After reading the post I had to think to myself, “Well, who, besides the President himself, is the foreign policy voice of the Obama Administration”? The Vice President had been relatively silent and his only major foreign policy moment was making an ambiguous comment on an Israeli attack on Iran. Robert Gates has been doing good work on the military budget, but he’s a former Bushie so he can’t exactly lead the charge. Tim Geithner is too busy with the domestic front to do anything of real substance with the international economy. We’re left with the scary proposition that the Obama Administration will become just Barack Obama. A foreign policy that is wrapped up in the President alone is pretty unsettling, never mind when he is  concerned with so many other issues


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