Senator puts parochial interests ahead of nation’s. In other news, dog bites man

Official_Portrait__cropped__September_2007Besides telling the world that he is not a nail, Chuck Grassley has been the leading Republican voice on health care reform and now seems intent on making his mark on South American and trade policy.

Senator Grassley has put a hold on the confirmation of Thomas Shannon as the Ambassador to Brazil. His reason? Shannon has publicly stated his opposition to the American tariff on Brazilian ethanol made from sugar cane. Why is Grassley so upset? Well Brazilian ethanol is much more efficient and cheaper than American corn ethanol and he has to protect Iowa’s interest in high corn prices. So now we are jeopardizing our relationship with Brazil, a rising power, because one Senator thinks repealing a policy towards that country would harm a highly protected industry. Oh how I do love institutional relics from the 18th century!!

One Response to “Senator puts parochial interests ahead of nation’s. In other news, dog bites man”
  1. sharbourt says:

    Well as infuriating as this news is, I have to say that I’m exciting Obama is showing some common sense on this issue. Maybe winning Iowa by as much as he did gives him a little latitude on ethanol. But really…this was one of the few issues where McCain had Obama beat during the campaign. Glad to see some movement.

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