Vet this . . .

A quick post while I’m on vacation on beautiful Cape Cod . . .

USAID still doesn’t have a director. I understand that the Obama Administration wants to have a strong stance on ethics, but the vetting process for some positions are just ridiculous. Apparently Paul Farmer had to name every foreigner he came into contact with in the past five years. This man works on health policy in developing countires and has done so for years and you expect him to name every freaking foreigner he’s talked to? I spent 4 months and the UK and I can’t even remember half of the people I met. So now Farmer is working for an NGO (well an NGO run by the SecState’s husband) instead of in government. We need to know that public officials have our best interests at heart, but such a high threshold to service can prevent some great people from government work. Secretary Clinton has spoken out about the vetting process and now you can add my name to the chorus.
. . . now back to the beach


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