The ‘Nuclear Option’: Currency Edition

As someone who follows international economics pretty closely, I’m surprised I didn’t find this Dean Baker op-ed until today. I’ve previously asked what the United States could do to convince the Chinese government to let the yuan appreciate. Baker doesn’t so much want to convince China, but rather beat China at its own game. He … Continue reading

Yuan a bubble?

It’s everyone favorite time of the year: the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Economic Leaders’ Meetin!* President Obama heads to the summit and his first official visit to China next week. Obama’s trip will be dominated by economic concerns especially trade, and in the case of China, exchange rates. Simon Johnston thinks Obama can convince the Chinese … Continue reading

Hollywood Wins at the WTO, Chinese Culture Never to be the Same

Today, the WTO released a ruling in favor of the U.S. in its complaint against Chinese restrictions on imports of U.S. entertainment and media products. The ruling addressed a number of contentious trade issues.  For example, are intellectual goods to be treated as manufactured goods under trade law? Also at stake is the use of … Continue reading

Climate and Trade Discussion Needs a Reality Check

Since the narrow passage in the U.S. House last month of climate-change legislation that gave an OK to so-called border adjustments for imports from countries that have not approved similar policies, various policymakers and commentators have debated whether this is a good idea. President Obama took a surprisingly tough stance on the House action, condemning … Continue reading

Senator puts parochial interests ahead of nation’s. In other news, dog bites man

Besides telling the world that he is not a nail, Chuck Grassley has been the leading Republican voice on health care reform and now seems intent on making his mark on South American and trade policy. Senator Grassley has put a hold on the confirmation of Thomas Shannon as the Ambassador to Brazil. His reason? … Continue reading

Simon Johnson to China: Do it, I dare ya

Hillary Clinton and Tim Geithner continue their high level talks with the Chinese government, the Strategic and Economic Dialogue, today. The meetings are being heralded as a replacement for the G8 summits of the past (some observers have called the US-China relationship the “G-2”). The two countries will be discussing a whole host of issues … Continue reading

Sealing off from the world

Most people see this story, via Matt Yglesias and ask themselves “How on God’s green earth is this even relevant?” I read the same words and see the eventually downfall of the international economic system and the emergence of neo-mercantilism. Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit. The story of the seal tariff … Continue reading